hello carmen
here the mom of Sophie, we talk a few weeks ago by e-mail
I see that you are not feeling happy, i really understand it.
But i do remember that when Sophie whas a little baby she just take 1 time every day a bath before she go to sleep, just like another baby.
Then a cream her after it and for the daytimes we cream her every 3-4 hours.
She cry alot ,specially after the bath and also every time when a put cream on, and the she cry just like all the baby's when she whas hungry or sleepy, so almost all the day, and i just felt like you do.
I just try to put the cream in the microwave for a few seconds , just warm it a little up,when you put this cream on , it will feels good on the skin.
The docters never say that to do, but they dont feel cold cream , they also say to give alot bath but i do just 1 time a day and my baby dont like it after the bath because every baby cry after a bath , not only ichtyosis baby's.
Maybe you try alot that peopple and dokters say, but we have now a baby to without ichty and he is 13 months and i just feel somethimes like you.
He cry the first 6 months all the day and it whas the not ichtyosis but he just dont like eating, he whas a baby that cry more then other baby's. Now he is a little bigger and walk and play and he is happy.
So it's better that you will take care of yourself with a little help for the baby from someone else or a little help in the house, so you could take a break , otherwise it would be to hard for you, so take a break and spoil yourself a little,because a baby feels it when you are deppressed.
If you want to talk more please send an e-mail leo.lucas@pandora.be
alot hugges from all of us to you and your husband.
leo and aida from Europa( Belgium°