Hi Carmen,

You were asking what your son's skin should look like. I remember that when Marc was an infant, he went through many changes. Once the collodian membrane had fallen off, the skin underneath varied in appearance. His forehead was scaly and his cheeks were smooth. His knees were rough and had thick scales on them while his hands had smaller scales and not so rough. When Marc was 1 1/2 years old, he developed red bumps all over his body. No one knew what it was-an allergic reaction, heat related or ichthyosis related. It looked as if he was severely sunburned or was burned in a fire. This lasted for a few months, and then it disappeared never to return again(thank goodness!) I now notice that Marc's skin goes through cycles. It is much better in the warmer weather. His chest, back and face have fine white scale, not the dark, thick scale associated with lamellar. His forehead still has larger scales. His knees are still rough, but the Neostrata Problem Dry Skin cream really does the trick. It removes the scale and leaves his skin looking great. His hands and toes are scaly, but not dark and thick. Overall, he looks great! His skin definitely has improved since he was born. You mention that your son makes himself bleed. Marc never did this. My guess is that your son's skin is uncomfortable for him so that is why he scratches. As he gets older and he can verbalize his problems, it will be easier for you to explain why he shouldn't scratch or pick at his skin.
Carmen, you have to just take one day at a time. I have been where you are now. I cried with my son, too as I put on his creams and he cried because he didn't want them on. I often wondered why this had to happen to my son, but I now wonder what I can do to help him. Hang in there-you will both be okay.