My kids are asleep again so what I want to know is what is good for LI and what is not, how is he suppose to look? He did have brown scales all over him at one point but that is now all gone. He is some times red and some times pink with red patches and his skins peels like he is sun burnt,it is rough to touch and at times he bleeds a bit around his face and ears. He only has really hard skin on the bottom of his feet, all the ones on his hands and fingers are all gone now. So is that good for LI or not? He drinks my milk and I am on a lot of vitamins for skin eg Zinc and omega (3 and 6) oils etc and that new Nuni juice. It is the most bad tasting drink on earth but if it works I will try anything. I have no one to compare Winson with so I don't know if we are on the right path or not. He is now not crying so much as I now give him a stronger pain killer twice a day but he is still at his face a lot of his awake time, making it bleed. I also want to know what LI feels like? Can some one tell me as I want to know as much as I can, and I want to understand more so I can help him to a better start to life. I want his childhood to be a happy and pain free one. Please write and tell me as much as you can and may God Bless. Thank you all so Much. Love Carmen