Hi, my name is Mark, I'm 30 and I guess I should be unhappy, as it's winter here in London and my skin is going mental. I have ichthyosis Vulgaris, the mild one they say, but for me it's just..... well hell really, so much itching it's unreal. Well, enough self pity. I'm lucky in a way as I don't have the stigma of people wondering why I look odd. Reading the messages on the site, makes me feel lucky.

I live and work in London. My passion is Salsa and I teach it in several of the clubs in London. My worst times are after I've been dancing and I'm 'hot', ie I can't sweat to cool down and then I get really itchy, but it's worth it, I guess. I wouldn't stop it for the world, the dancing I mean.....

Although, I find it hard to cope sometimes, it might be so much worst were it not for the advice and treatments suggested by the people on this board. So thank you. I hope one day that I will find something that will make the itching go away, maybe a warm climate one day!!!

My dream is to learn Spanish and live there in the not too distance future.

Well, enough from me.

Whatever your story is..be happy and remember, we have one life to live.