Hey everyone...I have Lamellar Ichthyosis and for a school report I am writing a 1500 word essay on Ichthyosis and people who have it...I made almost 80 questions for it and I am posting them all so that I can hopefully get some answers and different stories...I do actually know the answers to some of these questions but I'm putting them all down anyway. Haha.. Please answer as many as you can, I really want a vary in the answers....Thanks so much for your support!

1. What exactly causes Ichthyosis?

2. How is it caused?

3. Are all people with Icthyosis born with it?

4. Does it aways last for a life-time?

5. How many people have it?

6. What are the different kinds?

7. What are they called?

8. How many are there?

9. Is it always caused by a genetic mutation?

10. Do girls get it more than boys?

11. How does it usually skip generations?

12. What nationalities are the people who usually get it?

13. What do most people with Ichthyosis look like?

14. Does it ony effect the skin?

15. How does it effect the skin and other body parts?

16. What does it do to cells?

17. Are there benefits to having Ichthyosis?

18. What is the most common type of Ichthyosis?

19. What is the most rare type?

20. Does it only exist in humans?

21. Where in history did people start noticing Ichthyosis as a defect?

22. What exactly did they notice about it?

23. How did they treat it?

24. What region in the world did it start in?

25. How many people had it?

26. Who discovered it?

27. Did they know it was a genetic disorder or did they think it was a good thing?

28. What did they think it was?

29. What are some things people who don't know what Ichthyosis is think it is?

30. What kind of clothes do people who have it wear?

31. Do guys deal with it differently than girls?

32. What do they use to prevent it or cure it?

33. What are some diseases similiar to Ichthyosis?

34. What are some inflictions that look like Ichthyosis?

35. How long do people with Ichthyosis usually live?

36. Do they live longer or for less time than normal people or do they live the same amount of years?

37. What kind of physician do people with Ichthyosis go to?

38. How often do they go to the doctor's office?

39. Do they get direct treatment from the doctor?

40. If so, what kind of treatment?

41. Is there a cure for any kind of Ichthyosis?

42. If so, what is it called?

43. What kind of people work on it, are they scientists?

44. Are they currently working on it?

45. Are they getting close to finding a cure for all types of Ichthyosis?

46. If so, what is it?

47. Does it take form in pills or something else?

48. Does it cost alot of money to purchase the cure?

49. If so, how much?

50. How long does it take to discover the cures?

51. Is Ichthyosis in any way similiar to cancer?

52. If so, how?

53. Are there any clubs or groups for people with Ichthyosis?

54. If so, do they have meetings?

55. Does it cost money to join?

56. What race of people usually get Ichthyosis?

57. Do most people with Ichthyosis pass it directly on to their children? Why?

58. Is there a way to find out, if so, how?

59. Can it be worse or better the more it is passed down through a family?

60. Is it ever thought of as an evolution of any species?

61. How is Ichthyosis scientifically classified?

62. Does it start at birth?

63. Can it get better as the person who is effected gets older?

64. Can it get worse as they get older?

65. How many times a day do most people take care of it?

66. Do they use more than one item to take care of the Ichthyosis?

67. If they use it ong enough can it cure the Ichthyosis or just make it better?

68. How does the medication effect other aspects of the person using it?

69. Are any of the medications made from natural substances?

70. Do people with Icthyosis ever have internal difficulties as well as external?

71. If Ichthyosis effects animals as well, what species?

72. Can Icthyosis ever, ever be contagious?

73. Does it effect any if not, all five of the senses?

74. If so, what exactly and how exactly does it effect them?

75. Is it common for someone with Ichthyosis to get called names or teased at school?

76. If they do, what are the usual names or mockeries people use to bring them down?

77. Has anyone ever died from a severe case of Ichthyosis?

78. If so, what was it called and why did they die from it?

79. Does having Ichthyosis effect sex or relationships of the person who has it?

80. If so, how?
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