Hello all!
I am brand new to this entire area. I am almost 40 years old, yet I did not find out what was wrong with me until 3 months ago! I normally can get my thoughts across better than this, but I am a little emotional. Here is my story. When I was born, the doctors told my mother I had premature wrinkled and dry skin. She sent me to several doctors when I was younger, yet no one could really help. This continued for years. I too was harassed in school and called names like 'alligator skin' and 'prune'. I met a wonderful man 22 years ago, who loves me as I am and we have two wonderful sons, ages 18 and 20. This past spring, a miracle happened. My family doctor quit and I began seeing a new doctor! My new doctor took one look at me and demanded to know what my old doctor had been doing to help. She then sent me to one of the top dermatologists in our state.She immediately did a biopsy, told me that she thought that it would reveal ichthyosis and recommended some OTC creams until we got the results. She called on a Friday night to confirm that the biopsy revealed ichthyosis and she recommended I search the web for info until my next appointment. I took her advice and spent over 5 hours reading all of this site. By the time I was through I was an emotional wreck! For years I had suffered and didn't know why and here were people just like me!My dermatologist has been trying all sorts of creams, etc. Right now I use Carmol 40 and Lachydrin. The problems I am having are that I seem to develop a resistance to new creams very quickly and they quit working. My doctor says our next step may have to be Accutane, but I am real hesitant.I just want to thank everyone who has ever contributed to this site! Just knowing that every symptom - from overheating to light sensitivity,is common with this disease, makes me feel better. Until my diagnosis of ichthyosis, I thought I was turning into a hypochondriac! Once again thanks for being here and thanks for your patience- I know this is long!