i just need to get a few things of my chest. i'm off work at the momment as my skin has got so bad plus years of going with no sleep because of my skin yet still getting up and doing a full days work has taken its toll on me mentaly. so i'm on benifits. The other week the benifit people asked me to go and see one of thier doctors so they can assess me. Then yesterday i got a letter saying that they think i am fit for work so won't be paying me my benifit anymore. The main problem is when i had my appoinment it was in the morning so my skin was not sore and i could walk fine (i have EKV which means any change in temp affects it, but a few hours later)i had asked for a later appoinmemt so thay can see what it gets like but i was told that was the only one they had. i did explain to the doctor, but she just looked at me like i was making it up. i even had the crutches the hospital have given me but that didn't seem to make a difference. plus when they looked at my claim they didn't use my doctors report even though they had it. they didn't talk to my derm doctor, even though there doctor had never heard of EKV. The fact that when i took my clothes off to show her my skin she looked at me like i was disgusting i had let go (even though she is a doctor and i'm sure she has seen worse things than i bit of extra skin) but the fact that she has told them i have no problems at all has really got to me. now i have to fight to get my money back. when i asked them what i should do in the mean time, they said i should go back to work, when i said but my doctor has signed me off, they said i don't have to take notice of my doctor. now is it just me or is taking no notice of my doctor one of the worst thing you have heard. on top of all this she said that i had no mental health problems, then i would like to know why i'm on anti depressants and sleeping tablets, have panic attacks and have just been refferred to the local mental heath hospital.

so now on top of trying to sort out my skin get my mental heath better, i have to fight them for any money. how the hell am i meant to get any better when now i'm worried about how i'm going to pay for anything.

i have worked full time from the age of 17, i have never been out of work before now, yet i feel like i'm treated as if i'm lying and just don't want to work. i do i would much rather be at work than at home but its just not possible at the moment.

sorry i just needed to get that all off my chest. thanks x