hi this is trish,im 37 years old and have a son and daughter.My son and I were both born with icthyosis.Now at 11 my daughters shouwing slight sighns on elbows and knees.Not comparable with ours.But for 2 years now weve been using soriataine25 for me and 10mg for my son whos 13.I feel like ive been given another life, a normal one.This drug is working so well for myself ,i havent had to scrub or hide my hands, and best of all my skin doesnt come off anymore when i bump myself.There are side effects though,yet not too bad so far.One fellow has used this effectivly for 12 years, no side effects.My sons skin is not as good as mine but it has made going to school almost bearable.
My mother also has icthosis,as did her father,and out of 11 children 9 of them got it.My mother had 5 kids and im the youngest and the only one who got it.
I dont have to use creams any more, but when i do i stand behind Olive Oil and Vaseline 100%.