Well I'm a little stressed and down in the dumps. My little girl who is 41/2 has EHK where her hands and palms are affected. She also has thick brown areas on her knees (front and back) as well as under her arms. I had a total meltdown tonight after she went to sleep because it just seems that these days her affected areas are really difficult to keep under control. It absolutely breaks my heart every night when we have to put on several lotions and none seem to be doing the trick right now. We use these at different times or days (tazorac, keralyte, amlactin, and regular lotion). My husband keeps telling me that it is like this every winter but still it doesn't make it any easier and its hard to remember if it really was. She has been questioned this year in Pre-K by other kids and actually has had one occassion where someone called her an ugly name (creepy hands) because of her cracked, dry hands. I thought I was going to just die inside. My heart broke into a million pieces that day and I tried very hard to keep my emotions concealed around her when all I wanted to do was cry with her. I just want her to be o.k. and feel good about herself. I don't want others to pick on her and make her feel bad about her skin or who she is. She is absolutely the prettiest, sweetiest, kindest, and most loving little girl I know. It seems that she is self confident and that she is o.k. with her skin being different but I really hope that she is deep down inside. We talk and she seems to be fine. She has no reason to be or feel ashamed or different. I tell her all the time that everyone has something different about them and that she is no different than anyone else. I just know as the years go on, especially the teenage ones, that she will be questioned and maybe even teased but I hope that she will continue to be confident and be open and talk to me about her feelings. It absolutely scares me! I know that I am just worring about things that haven't even happened yet but I can't help it. Anyway, if anyone has any words of advice to make my heart feel better and to make my tears stop flowing then I would appreciate it. Also, if you have any suggestions on lotions, creams, bath wash please let me know.

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