Hi. My name is Randy Brown, 50 years old with lamellar ichthyosis. My wife, Nancy, and I have been married 31 yr. We have three children and one grandson. none affected with skin problems. I work as a tool and die maker. Like most of you I grew up knowing little about my condition. Only 20 yrs. ago I found I had lamellar. Up till then it was called congenial ichthyosis. I found FIRST about 10 yrs. ago and through them. learned a lot about my condition. I grew up with much love and encourgement from all my family.While I endured stares and questions as I grew up, I think I was acepted for who I am rather than how I look. Am now taking 20 mg.Soriatane daily, very good results so far(just 5 months). I took Accutane for a while some years back but stopped when I had back pain. I enjoy your website and Board. I have learned some good information. Bye RJ

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