I like my house cooler to reduce the drying effects of heating. I keep it at around 18C (not sure what that is in F) which means I'm constantly wearing socks and something long sleeved when at home.

In a very cold climate, a problem that arises when keeping temp low and humidity high is condensation on the inside surfaces of the window panes, especially when it get very cold. This water can seep through the window frame and cause problems for the house. What I did in the past was install plastic insulation (the kind you stretch with a hair-dryer) to some of my windows each automn. I would also turn down the humidifiers when it got very cold outside. This helped to reduce condensation. This summer, I replaced all my windows with Low-Energy ones which I hope will eliminate the cold interior glass panes that cause condensation.

I'm curious whether anyone has any special tricks or suggestions for the condensation problems that arise when keeping a high-humidity house in the winter.