Hello from Bermuda!!
Hi, my name is Diana Gilbert and I am 25 years old. I believe I have CIE, but I am not sure. I was born March 31, 1975 to Margaret and Llewelyn Hall. I have an 8 year old brother, Brian, who does not have ichthyosis. In Bermuda, ichthyosis is not too common, yet there are 2 people here who suffer with ichthyosis...When I was born the doctors here did not know what was wrong with me but after tests were taken and I was treated in England the diagnosis came back with Ichthyosis. My grandmother told me that her mother developed psoriasis at a late age, so it seems skin conditions run in the family. I used to use Emulsifying Ointment and Cream E45 as well as all sorts of soaps on my skin, but now I use All Purpose Gel (A "For You" product"" on my face and regular Suave Lotion on my body. I am trying the samples I got from the conference right now, but don't seem to be having much luck with them, even though the Nature Accents products seems to be working ok.
As I grew up with this disease I went through many obstacles...teasing from kids in school or other functions or just people being ignorant and making their own observations about what they thought I had, without asking.
But it was the courage and determination of my parents and other family members that helped me fight with this disease. I love them for standing by me through all the times when I really needed them. Like all girls at a young age, I thought that one day I would marry my dad, LOL, instead I married someone who is similar to my mom, LOL. I never thought I would ever get married until James came into my life permanently on July 12, 1997. It sure makes things a lot easier when someone is there who joins the family and makes life a little better. Thanks for being a part of my life, James. I love you always.
I try very hard to accept the way I am, but sometimes it can be difficult. But somehow I get through it..with the saying that my grandfather used to say before his passing, he would say..."Everythings gonna be okay". He was right...I just remember that thanks to the people I have met at the conferences, and the love I get from my family, friends, and co-workers that I can achieve anything I want in life. Thanks Guys!! I also read a lot of inspirational books that makes me realize that life is all about ups and downs.
I enjoy reading, partying and travelling. I have learned to express my feelings and not become stressed out, as that can make the ichthyosis worse. It is great to meet everyone at the conference and to share what I have learned with people around me so that they can understand what I am going through.
Thanks Laura & Chris for doing this website.
Thanks Les for getting me hooked up to ask and answer questions.
Love from Bermuda
Diana Gilbert
My parents email is brimarlew@northrock.bm

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