Life stories continued...Hi all! My name Sonia Patel, I live in London, UK, I'm 33 years old and Ihave a 5-year-old daughter with lamellar ichthyosis. When Aiesha was born, she looked as if she'd been passed through a paper shredder. I couldn't tell baby from skin and I had to stay in in hospital an extra 3 days (you may not think that is much until you try the food) as she could not maintain her body temperature. She became known as the "special baby" as doctors and students alike came to check her out and take notes - but no-one really did anything. When we finally went home, our local doctor came and diagnosed ichthyosis (we did not know at that point that there were over 20 different kinds of ichthyosis, neither, I think, did my doctor). So, for the next 4 and half years we battled with the scales, the dryness and itching trying almost any product suggested or prescribed. We'd have a few days of "hey, this is really good stuff", buy in bulk to avoid running out, and then finding that it didn't work so good any more. I always dreaded the day when Aiesha would start school and come home crying because a child would tease her about her skin. Suprisingly, it was the adults who were insensitive, asking what was wrong with when she was standing there.
Many people suggested Chinese medicine but there have been a few horror stories in the UK about eczema suffers having renal failure after Chinese medicine so we gave that a miss.
Anyway, around December 1999, my husband and I decided to educate ourselves in alternative therapies, implementing our knowledge within our daughter, and found that we were progressing further than we had before with any doctor or medical product. When Aiesha said to me, "mummy, can I wear my new skin to school?" I decided to quit my career as an freelance IT consultant (boy do I miss those cheques!) and promote complementary medicine and therapies. 8 months later, Aiesha is a beautiful child with glowing cheeks (never had that before), smooth skin (with occassional flakes) and an incredible personality which just shines through. My whole life has changed. I believe that in life there are no accidents and that everything happens for a reason. If I had ichthyosis and had got "better" like Aiesha, I would have simply been happy with my improvement and got on with my life. However, because it happened to Aiesha, I am never completely satisfied, always learning more, talking to practitioners and doing what I can to "cure" Aiesha. I don't believe anyone should just have to live with ichthyosis or indeed anything else - every single body has the ability to heal itself. All we have to do is help it along. And I want to share everything I have learned, big or small, with all of you - hence the "Alternative Therapies" forum.
I think that's enough from me!

Warmest regards to you all,