I have got Ich V. I find milk helps a lot and it is cheap.I use the sour milk or yoghourt to replace the soap when getting a shower.Just use 50 to 60ml(in winter) or 40ml (in summer) each time.
Towel off after washing the whole body with water,then apply the sour milk or yoghourt on the body. You can massage for several minutes. At last, cleanout.
For me, in winter ,I'd apply glycerin or almond oil soon after showering. Then apply a little ointment which contains some herb medicines. But I am not sure of what components in the ointment. Also, I take some herb medicne periodically.
I have use the milk for one year. And herb medicine for 2 years. What I find is that the herb medicine reduce my eczema and makes me sanguine. Meanwhile, the milk help to moisturize and smooth my skin with its multivitamin and especially the fat and latic acid.
The fish said,"you cannot see my tears because I am in the water." While the ocean replies," I can feel them cos they are in my heart."