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I don't have much time to read through all the posts, so if this was mentioned, sorry for the repeat. I've also made mention another post in another area. But my son at 7 has just started developing a night time cough and daily wheezing. The Dr said it was asthma and an inhaler cleared it up quick. Then I stopped the inhaler and it came back. So then I stopped milk and milk products and it's gone again without the inhaler.

You may want to do some research on milk allergies (not to be confused with lactose intolerant) for your little one. Milk is a well known trigger for asthma, I think it just depends on the person on how extreme the effect is. I just figured, I would rather take something away then give more medications. Good luck.

I never thought about the milk allergy causing my sons asthma. He is allergic to milk, he can't have any dairy at all. And now that I think about it his asthma calmed down once we took him off the milk. Intresting something to talk to the allergist about this week. I always just thought he got it from me. Thanks for the info
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