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Recent research has show that the increase in allergies and even certain auto-immune diseases in the West has some connection to the overly germ-conscious, anti-bacterial society that prevails in many Western countries. Some studies have even shown that infants who grow up around dogs or farms have much stronger immune systems and less allergies.

So while you should try to prevent bacterial infections in children, don't become fanatical in cutting all exposure to germs/bacteria. A young immune system needs this exposure to strengthen itself and fine-tune its response parameters. So let them eat dirt once in a while and limit the anti-bacterial products around the house. Germs aren't always bad.


I agree 110% with that! Unfortunately, having trouble convincing my husband otherwise! lol His mother was (is) very germaphobic, bleaches and disinfects EVERYTHING, and some of those habits are ingrained in my husband too! lol Maybe I'll ask our ped. to give us a print out about germs or something!
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