I have asthma, and had it since birth. I am the carrier of XLI, but asthma is in my family regardless. My boys two of them have had to take medication. (not daily) My oldest when he has a lung infection/cold. That tends to aggravate it. When he was younger, especially in the spring, when allergy season hit, he would have to carry his inhailer just in case, plus take allergy meds. (he has not been on long term meds) My youngest son, he came home from the hospital with a nebulizer, but he needed it infrequently, and for the past two years, (you know I just jinxed myself right), he hasn't needed it. I have it the worst, and I am on Seravent, and a neblizer, and Zyrtec, and albuterol,daily steriods when needed. You name it, I have probably had to take it, or I am on it.
Sometimes my asthma is allergy triggered, dust, dander, mold, pets. I have to keep my bed sealed, as to not have too many dust mites. (the boys beds are that way too, just because it never occured to me to do it anyother way)No feather pillows, they keep dust and mites. Sometimes, my asthma is triggered by strong smells, like lotion with perfume, or a strong scented hairspray, new laundry detergent that has a strong perfume scent, or even a change in my shampoo! Vicks vapor rub would kill me! (crazy, but I have been living this way my whole life) Occasionally, back to the allergy thing, it is food triggered-preservatives, nuts. Last, mine is also sports triggered, but usually only if my lungs are recovering from illness or a bad allergy induced attack. Controling it for me is to try to not get sick (not easy), or stay on my allergy medication and Servent. Avoiding triggers which are trial and error.
I know servent does not have the greatest track record, but I need this medication to breath, I have no choice. So far, I feel my boys have been extremely lucky to only have the XLI and not so much the asthma. I hope (one wish from me to them) is that they never have asthma the way I have it.
I was also in the hospital when I was young, constantly for Pneumonia. The bright side is that there are so many more ways to treat asthma now, that your daughters lungs will not be damaged nearly as bad as mine were early in life. Talk to her doctor often, consult with a pulmonary dr too. Maybe an allergist. Then start weeding out different things that trigger it. (speaking of weeding, ragweed and I are not friends) (ooo, I left out strong scented candles, air freshners, and cigarette smoke).