Originally posted by Ichthyosaur:
When i first started using LH, I found that I could easily peel off skin between my fingers. But after about 6 months of use the skin has sort of hardened into a darker color, and is no longer 'peelable'. Now I'm getting mild blisters and raw skin in the "crotches" of my fingers and in between the fingers too. Only on my left hand, though.

The same thing happened to me when I first started on LacHydrin. I was only on it for about 2 weeks. In between my fingers also got real thin and peeled very easily and the "crotch" situation was the same experience you had. I got off of it, and luckily tried NeoStrata Problem Dry Skin Regular Strength formula which was much better for me. In between the fingers are fine now, but I must admit that NeoStrat cream had the same affect on the "crotch". I take care to avoid that area and put my perscription face cream onto that instead. Drop me an email / post if you have any questions. Take Care ..
Steven Sobkowski