For as long as I can remember, I have had Ichtyosis Vulgaris. My main problem areas were my legs growing up, but as i got older i have noticed it working its way up to my hips, upper back and arms. I have been to many doctors, herbal treatments, and dermatologists to try and find a cure. Unfortunately nothing had seemed to help. I had tried numerous steroid creams, home remedies, and even UV light therapy creams. Some creams helped me keep my skin moisturized for about a few hours, and then it would be back to being scaly, flakey and severly dry. I am always on the hunt to try new lotions, and giving up really isnt an option. Growing up with Icthyosis was hard, I had to cover up my skin due to insecurities, and RARELY wore dresses. Summer time would be difficult for me, because i couldn't wear anything that would show my legs. I am now 23 years old, and my Icthyosis was at its worst this past winter, and was severly painful and dry and cracking. During one of my late nights searching for new treatments for Icthyosis, I came across an article regarding a product called SR Lotion. As always i was a little skeptical, because i have read numerous articles claiming products to work, but when I actually try them, it doesnt. Now, being the optimistic that I was, I figured I would do some more reaserch. After searching for reviews about this product, I came across a before an after picture of someones back that suffered from Icthyosis. In awe, i wanted to find out where and how fast i could get this product. I went to their site, and placed in my order. I had recieved the product 7 days within placing my order, and i was SUPER excited. The reviews mentioned to use the lotion twice a day. So as directed i used it twice a day, and withiin 4-5 days, i saw a HUGE difference in my skin. My skin was peeling off effortlessly, after i shower i would use my towel to scrub down my skin which help shed some more of the excess skin off. I was in serious shock, and after continuing to use it, my skin just got better and better each day. I thought i was dreaming. After continuously using this lotion for 3 weeks, I can easily say that all my dry spots are 90% gone, the only thing i have left are the dark marks left from my icthyosis. I am confident with the continous use of this lotion, my dark marks wil fade as well. I recommend this product to anyone struggling with ichthyosis. I have already told a few friends to try this product. Not only is it useful for Icthyosis it helps treat other skin conditions like Psoriasis as well as Acne. I am beyond excited to see what else this lotion can do for my skin. Coming from experience, i know how tough it must be to deal with skin conditions such as Icthyosis, and it definitely takes a toll on your self confidence. To anyone concerned with skin problems, i strongly urge you to try this product, you will NOT regret it. There is even a 30 day money bay guarantee policy. Hopefully this review helps many people out there to help treat their Icthyosis.