As a lifer with icthyosis and keratosis vulgaris, I wanted to pass along to parents the best advice I ever got. Stay away from Laurel Sulfate. This is the ingredient most products use to make things lather up. I started by switching to soaps such as Yardley, and shampoo by Cibu which are sulfate free. I now try to stay away from as many chemicals as I can. I discovered products which are ALL handmade with natural ingredients. Using their Buffy body butter, I have been able to control 99% of my diseases.
In fairness... I live in So Florida and I know the sun helps,
I'm also 50 and it does improve with age, but I highly recommend trying this Buffy body butters by Lush. I think one of their main ingredients is coconut oil, so maybe that on its own would help.
The school years were tough but dealing with it gets easier with age. My favorite line when a remark was made was 'we can't all be perfect like you'.