So I was trying to lose weight and my sister bought me these pills.
I've been using it on and off for the past 5 months and I noticed that every time I take it even for just a week, my skin would be smooth. KP on my arms almost disappears 85%, and my upper legs/thighs which is also KP infested becomes smooth.
My shins where most of my IV shows becomes smooth too. I guess the scaly appearance will never disappear which is a bummer because still no dresses for me. But my skin texture really improved!
Unfortunately, this cannot be used as a lifelong supplement and can only be taken 6 months at a time.

Now my question is, is it because of the lycopene? is it because tomato is a powerful antioxidant?
Has anyone here tried (non-diet) tomato supplements? What's it the tomato pills that helped improve my skin?