Hello everyone. I'm a 34 yr old female. I've been reading all these posts and now sadly (and happily!) realize I pretty much know NOTHING about this condition I thought I basically had all figured out! I actually only discovered Eucerin a few years ago, before that, all I'd ever used was Lubriderm! My head is swimming with all this new info and many tips and ideas. I realize now that maybe there are some things that can help me improve and I'm just gonna have to do A LOT of experimenting! As I kind of felt that my skin was in an "acceptable" state now (since I'm an adult, and married, very happily) I honestly just wasn't worried about trying to improve at all....until I had my beautiful little boy! I kinda feel as if I owe it to him to put a little effort into this endeavor so I can have something more to tell him to do then I got from my dad (not his fault). By the way, I'm pretty sure we have CIE. Anyway, I'm rambling, but here are my questions-

#1-I was always hesitant to add any kind of additives like bath oils to my tub because (although they felt great on my skin to soak in, and for about a day afterward) they always made me waaay too slippery to rub down, which was the main point of my bath! (Fyi- I've always just used my hands to rub down)Can't get any friction/traction if there's any kind of oils/lotion on my skin! Any one else have this issue?

And #2- Along the same lines, every time I've tried to use any kind of body washes or moisturizing soaps, it just doesn't seem to effectively "cut through" all the cream residue, once again leaving me too slippery to rub down and feeling just plain not clean. I always go for a nice, strong, deodorant soap like Irish Spring. It is Very drying, but at least I come out feeling clean. Again, is this an issue for others as well?

Just so ya know, my routine is as follows- shower daily (most of the time anyway!), take bath hopefully about once a week (although sometimes it gets postponed several days), shower to wash off all the lotion, then fill up tub, soak a couple hours, then rub off soft scales with hands. It's totally a crap shoot, after soaking sometimes I get a ton off, sometimes a little, and sometimes it just doesn't work at all!! Can NOT find any rhyme or reason to it! Would love to hear your thoughts and specific routines! Thanks in advance!