Omg, I am also helping my dad and your post strucked me that we shared a lot in common. My dad also have PRP, he has been taking Soriatane for about 1.5 years. This medicine is very expensive even with insurance, we ended up going with It is a certified online pharmacy, we ordered the Soriatane and other medication and have good experience so far.

With Soriatane, my dad's skin is mostly cleared, but he is too has extreme neuropathy pain in the lower legs. His dermatologist does not think that it relates to Soriatane. We went to see many other specialists and nothing help. I am doubting the derm now and think it is related. How did your dad deal with the neuropathic pains? Will the pain go away if he stop taking the Soriatane? I am afraid to take my dad off the medicine and the PRP would come back. I would very much appreciate any help on this.