Hi all,

So, we're finally getting around to updating the website. Shortly before Christmas, we did get the lastest update to this bulletin board software installed. That included some security patches, as well as integration with spam-protection software...so hopefully that cuts down on the spam going forward.

It was an easy decision to spend the money to upgrade the bulletin board. We'll always keep this bulletin board going, to preserve the archive of information that people have accumulated here. It's much less clear to us whether to continue to pay for a chatroom.

The license for the chatroom expired late in 2012 and we have not yet renewed it. You can check it out following the link that's in our chatroom page: http://www.ichthyosis.com/Chatroom.htm It's called 123FlashChat.

Right now, we're not inclined to renew it (it is relatively expensive). But, we would if we thought people in the ichthyosis community would actually use it.

I have a feeling Facebook and other IM methods have largely replaced the need for this kind of chatroom.

Anyway, thought we'd survey the group. Your thoughts on whether we should consider to host somekind of chatroom on icthyosis.com? And if we do, do you have any thoughts on whether 123FlashChat is the best host?

Much appreciate your input. Very Happy New Year!