Hi Joni,

So sorry it has been so long since I was on the board. I do hope that Omri is feeling better and back home. Feeding was a real issue for us when Lauren was a baby. We found the advice we received from both gastrointerology (Lauren had reflux) and our nutritionist invaluable. As an infant we would mix Lauren's formula to 30cal/oz just to help maintain and gradually increase her weight. While she is still small for her age, she really is a great eater and is healthy of the most part. She also has the ectropian and have been advised against surgery. Instead we use Tazorac gel under her lower eyelid to help loosen the taughtness of the skin around her eyes. Lauren does not fully close her eyes at night so we liberally use a eye ointment at night and artificial tears during the day. You can also find me and other very supportive moms on Facebook at Ichthyosis Mommy Spot.

All the best,