I hope u guys get some peace,my daughter Jane ann is 3and a half.Shes doing so well.She had some issues with feedong when she was a newbie,the only baby formula I found that she kept down and that didnt cause pain was called similac sensitive,they wanted her to drink high calorie but it was rough on her stomach,and she had ectropion like I said before but her eye doc stitched them down to stretch the eyelids it worked very well,Do they have a ointment called aquaphor in Israel? It worked very well on my daughter,i.bathed jane once a day when she was littler and made sure she was very greasy at all times,her skin did get very thin at times,so I.bathed less and mostrized more,at those times.Its hard tobfindba balance of what works the best but make sure you keep him greased up and