I have XLI, and during my childhood, I had the hard scales on my knees and elbows and some of the other markings along the body. These seemed to go away as I got older, and now I'm 29. A few months ago though, I've noticed that I seem to be getting these blister like formations on my hands and feet. Most prominent is on my feet. They are filled with white water/puss, and if I break them open, then they often leave open sores that hurt quite a bit. I have no idea why these have started, and they cause an intense itching, especially at night.

I have some pictures to help explain the problem. For those who are sensitive to viewing such pictures, I advise you to avoid them since they could be considered disturbing.

These are what my feet look like normally:
Right Foot

Left Foot

It's hard to see the blisters like this. However, when I wash my feet in hot water, then my skin turns red and it's easier to see the white blisters. My right foot is quite a bit worse than my left foot:


Does anyone know some way to prevent these or even WHY they've started happening? I never had these before. The condition of my hands are quite bad now too and the itching is always very intense. I often end up scratching until I bleed.

Thanks for any help!
Born in 1983 with X-Linked Ichthyosis.