Thank you for answering everyone. I'm sorry I haven't replied. We are so busy just getting through every day and trying to get a little sleep in as well that I don't find the time for it.

We are in the hospital since the weekend because Omri had a temperature and they thought he has an infection in the blood. Turns out he may not have an infection after all though he's been getting antibiotics for several days. But he seems to still be feeling very bad and not eating well and crying a lot more than usual and sleeping very restlessly in the little time he does sleep.

We're very concerned now about his eating. I think he does have mild reflux though he doesn't spit up much. Did your children have unusual trouble eating? Did they seem to be in pain a lot of the time? How many baths did you give them a day when they were babies? How often did you put creams on them? Did the skin ever reach a point where it got too thin and even the soft pink layer peeled to reveal red raw flesh?

We have a skin doctor and many other doctors but no one seems to really have answers for us.