Hello Mickle,
I have been helped by the alpha hydroxy acid cream Lachydrin 12% lactic acid.It might be too strong for others, but for me,it controls my itching problem and dry skin. Some of the newer creams are including ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty lipids to their mixture. Some of the name brands are Triceram and Creme D Extreme made by Osmotics Corp. and Epiceram. Eucerin Plus and Eucerin Calming cream are very good. Aqua Glycollic made by Merz Pharmacueticals are reported to be very good also. Amlactin 12% lactic acid made by Upsher Smith is over the counter and economical. Keralyt Gel is a salicyllic acid cream. Lacticare for me personally is not strong enough, but many of our friends use it.Take care Mickle and by for now.
Les Avakian