Does anyone have experience with any kind of leg braces or orthotics for their child. My daughter who just turned one has started to wear DAFO's. She is suppose to wear them all day or as much as possible. She has been diagnosed with nb-CIE.
I was just wondering how her skin will hold up against wearing them. So far it has been ok but she hasen't been wearing them as much as she is suppose to. I am too nervous to have her wear them all day long.
When she was about 3 or 4 months old she had to wear 2 different braces(one for daytime and one for night time) on her hands/wrists. Her skin did not tolerate that well at all. Luckly she only had to wear them for a few months. Those were made out of different material though than her DAFO's. I only have my daughters experience to go off of.
If anyone has some insight I would love to hear it!

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