Thank you so much for all of your replies.

We were able to meet with a pediatric dermatologist last week and also had our last appointment with the Maternal Fetal Medicine (high risk OB) specialist as well. The pediatric dermatologist was MUCH more helpful. Throughout the process, the MFM office was monitoring us and performing the ultrasounds. Each time we saw a different doctor and felt that it was just someone else who didn't know us or know anything about Ichthyosis/EHK. We felt like we knew more about what to do than they did. At the last appointment they said they couldn't see anything on the ultrasound so they didn't feel like they needed to monitor anymore. Granted we knew it was a long shot to see anything informative, but we were also JUST into the time period where anything could even be visible. I also doubted whether they really knew what they were looking for. In the end, we were wanting to know for preparations for birth mostly, and we weren't wild on our office visits there anyway, so whatever.

Especially since we had just come from the pediatric derm appt. It was so nice to finally talk to someone that had experience with EHK and babies, and that could provide us with information. She is coordinating with our OB and the ICU at our hospital to make sure they will have everything on hand that we could need if our baby does have EHK (we specifically talked about making sure they have Cetaphil!), as well as making sure there is information in our chart and her contact information. It is a relief to know that they will be prepared should we need it. Also, she was able to give recommendations about vaginal birth vs. c-section. In the end she said it is a trade off - there may be a little less trauma to the skin doing a cesarean, but still will be trauma, and you won't get the benefits of clearing the lungs of fluid, etc. that come along with a vaginal birth. Plus the longer recovery for mom, etc. She recommended proceeding with a vaginal birth as planned and just to be prepared for appropriate treatment/care after birth as needed.

We have 8 more weeks (if he follows the plan!) until we get to meet our little boy. We are super excited! Hope to post an update once we settle in. Thanks again for the responses and support!