I'm currently a 24-year old man, having lamellar ichtyosis and i was wondering if getting a tattoo is possible. Of course it's possible, but will it stay in my skin? I don't have big or large scales of skin except for my scalp. I have no normal skin anywhere in my body, skin tears from everywhere. My skin kind of drops and shreds itself, I don't need to take it off myself (Still, I scrub my face in the mornings but I will return to that topic later in this text).

I think that the problem could be that my skin isn't smooth from anywhere actually. But I was thinking that if I scrubbed the area of the tattoo in the morning before getting it, would that help? I've been told that the tattoo should stay since it goes to a deeper layer of the skin, not on the top layer which shreds. I understand that layers of skin (I have very thin skin layers) go on top of the tattoo later, but will the tattoo also come off with the layers? If that is the only problem, I could easily keep the tattoo area scrubbed and visible wink

Another thing. I think I need help with my morning routines. Every single morning I take a bath. Every second day it lasts 1,5 to 2,5 hours and every other day I can just smoothen the remaining little areas which I didn't notice the day before, lasting 30 minutes. Is there anything to do to fasten this process? Right now I'm using washcloths to remove the dead skin from the face, but I'd like to know if there is a better way since this can sometimes be painful or very tedious. It's hard to wake up 2 hours in advance than anyone else to go to work. Makes me tired. I just ordered a footscrubber and a pumice stone as adviced on the site, but I don't believe in their effect before I see it myself. Not sure if it helps me either. For some reason, usually the forehead is the most difficult to scrub, the skin just sometimes doesn't come off. And I can't leave it there if the rest of the face is scrubbed.

Thanks in advance for any tips..