I find that it depends on the type of pool that she is in. Last summer we spent a week at the beach and there was a salt water pool and it was AMAZING what it did for her skin, the salt acted as a natural exfoliant and it worked wonders!! However, when we would take her to the water park and she would get in a highly chlorinated pool it would dry her out really badly and we would have to do extra lotion to compensate. We just recently bought a house with a chlorine pool that we will be converting to salt but she was in the pool briefly the other day and while our chlorine levels are a lot lower than the water park it seemed to have a drying effect on her. Not sure if that helps but the salt water seemed to do great!

She has not been in the ocean b/c we were dealing with the oil spill last summer but she will be this summer and I am sure it will be as good for her, if not better, than the salt water pool!
Kati, Mom to Kennedy Jane (March 2007 -- unaffected) and Kallie (May 2009 -- collodian layer and no diagnoses yet)