As you mentioned, my post was addressed to Ing, not to you, but since you decided you had to add your vitriolic verbage to this discussion, I would like to add a few points for you to consider.

- You seem to me quite opinionated on a sensitive subject and seem to feel the need to be "heard". I would recommend counselling to find the root of your dissent.

- You are obviously well-read as your vocabulary is quite advanced. However, if you are a psychologist, geneticist, or even otherwise a moderator for this group, I would much prefer you'd come forward and state this. If you're not, then like the rest of us, you are merely sharing an opinion. One that is from your viewpoint, full of inference to your life experience. That said, it is your opinion and yours alone.

- I will address your next two points in reverse order, because it is my opinion that, you must have read my post that way. My boys are very well adjusted. One is an adult, well past puberty, the other in the final stages of puberty. My eldest has shared that he does not wish to have children, my youngest is exactly the opposite. I love and support each decision as their own.

Your 'perspective' as you called it, was really a judgement made on a few lines of text. You don't know me, so please do not judge me, for that matter from my perspective it would be best if you reserved 'your opinions' as they were in themselves, as you termed, "Vitriolic". (for those who do not know what the word, 'vitriolic' means. It is defined as vit·ri·ol·ic (v t r - l k). adj. 1. Of, similar to, or derived from a vitriol. 2. Bitterly scathing; caustic: vitriolic criticism.) It seems to me from your comments (in this and other threads) that your life experiences have made you that way. I am neither a psychologist, nor a geneticist, so I will not make any further statements to that effect.

I NEVER stipulated that someone with IV or LI SHOULD have children. The only thing I am adamant about is that just because a person may be afflicted, it should not prevent them from having children if they so chose to do so.

- My analogy was perfectly sound. No one on God's green Earth is perfect. Everyone has some level of iniquity. That is what makes us Human. I muse, that a person with your opinions, was probably the same type that agreed with the sterilization of people with mental retardation*.

*That last statement is merely an expression of what it means to submit a vitriolic argument. It was intended to be caustic, meant to shock. Why? Simply because I was shocked by how narrow-minded your comments to my threads really were, and I wanted to make my feelings about reading your post perfectly clear.
Proud Dad of Chesney (LI), Courtney (Unaffected) and Brendan (LI)