HI ... I have IV since I was born ... I dont have much of problem with water (I even trained swimming for some time) but you have to follow few rules ... if it is a salt water we are talking about you need to prepare your child for it ... I use olive oil mostly cause it is a natural and it doesnt let salt burn my skin ... and after I get out I have to wash all the salt of my skin under the shower (as soon as I get out the water) and then put some cream on my body ... and if it is a non salt water then you dont have to prepare with olive oil (but is a good preparation also cause it keeps skin ioled and protect from the sun as well) but as soon as I leave the pool or river I must get a good shower and put some cream on my face and all body ... poll's are especially affecting Ich skin cause the most of it are dezinfected with chlor ... and chlor is drying even more so that might be a reason why the skin reacted that bad ... it is just a matter of finding best solution cause everyone's skin is different and is reacting different ... but I like olive oil cause it is natural... hope this helps and next time you will write about enjoyable poll/sea expirience smile smile