We took our DD swimming for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Her skin was looking great and we thought we'll give it ago. We had been hesitant about taking her, but knew we had to do it one day. So we did, and she loved it and has been asking to go back.

However, her skin is now the worst it has ever looked. A few days after she woke in pain because her legs were hurting and we couldn't touch them without her crying. Her skin is really dry and her feet look so sore.

I know she has good and bad times, but it just seems to coniside with us taking her swimming. I guess my questions is what has your reactions been with pools, what should we be doing beofre and after swimming to help her?

Swimming is such a big part of life here and I don't want her to miss out, expecially as she loved it so much.


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