I really need some advice quick! My daughter is 4 and is in preschool three hours a day. She has Lamellar Ich. My concern is her writing. Her teachers seem to think that she is not putting forth enough effort. I have watched her try to write or even trace letters. She may do one line just fine but before she can finish with the first letter she is taking breaks or switching the pencil between hands. I tried to get tough on her to see if that would help but it just frustrated both of us. One letter she will write and it will be decent. She will try to write the very next letter and she is basically scribbling like she doesn't care- hence the notes from the teachers. They are saying that she is distracting other children, rolling around on the floor, and is not putting forth effort. She is a strong willed child, but she likes to make people happy with her at the same time. I know that she itches but she doesn't really scratch a lot. She just cannot sit still. I am wondering if that is making it too difficult for her to do her work. She cannot sit on my lap for 10 seconds without squirming. Has anyone else had any issues with delays in writing? Also, her hands are not extremely tight, but you can definitely see the pull of the skin. Should she be writing normal? I just don't know if my child is delayed, agitated, or defiant. Please help! She is starting to hate school and its way too early for that!