What kinds of methods are you using for bathing? Are you exfoliating in the bath? Most of the itch comes from one of two things: either the skin is too dry and uncomfortable, or skin bacteria has gone wild in eating the flakes and their acidic waste is aggravating the skin.

For both: get rid of the extra skin. Generally, a long, soaking bath with lots of scrubbing on the built up areas, a good soap (we like Safeguard), and maybe a capful of bleach in the tub to kill the bacteria down to a normal level.

For dryness - apply the creams before the skin dries out, like right after the bath. At bedtime, try some aquaphor on the places that get scratched.

Have you found any particular cream that works? We like Cetaphil for a general, low-sting cream, but a lot of the members here with IV and LI use lactic acid creams or urea creams to help loosen the scale. We also like the St Ives Apricot Scrub in the shower to help remove skin buildup.

Also, invest in a pair of cuticle nippers. Baby nail cutters are useless. The cuticle nippers can trim the nails right down to the pink and keep them too short for damaging scratching. At 10 months, the socks will be coming off really soon if he hasn't figured it out already.
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