My 10 month old baby can't sleep for more than 2 hours because of the itching. After 10 months I'm totally exhausted and about to crack because of the stress of sleep deprivation. I've tried so many creams/lotions. Drs aren't much help. I'd love to hear from some experienced moms and dads. What helps your itchy children sleep? Did you experience the same problems? Mine is also allergic to peanuts and milk so that doesn't help. I keep him in sleepers but he will still scratch till he bleeds through his clothes. I have to keep socks over his hands. I've tried benadryl for the itch and to sedate him so he can sleep. The only thing that seems to help is sleeping with him and physically holding down his arms and legs so he can't scratch. But he still wakes very frequently. I have IV and assume he does too.