Annalie, my one year old, was diagnosed with lamellar. She usually goes about a month where we just maintain her skin, but then she has a huge, dry peel every 5-6 weeks. The past two nights she has screamed during her bath. She usually loves to play and splash around, but she won't even sit in the water now. For those of you with lamellar or older children with it, can it be painful? We put bath oil in her bath, but we've been doing this for almost a year now and she's never had a problem with it. She doesn't have any open sores except for a few small ones on her ears, so that doesn't explain the not sitting down thing. She also doesn't have a diaper rash. Any thoughts?
Mom to Annalie born 7/17/09 (Mild Lamellar) & Hadley born 3/20/06