Hi, I'm Melanie and I too have EHK. I already have a son, Daniel who was born unffected and I'm currently 15 weeks pregnant with my second child. I too often wonder if my baby will be affected as there is a 50% chance that the baby will be affected, but at the same time I try my best not to dwell on it and try to focus my energy on enjoying my pregnancy as best I can smile sometimes it can be difficult I know, but I try to stay positive. My husband and I were offered an amnio test to find out if the baby is affected , but as with my first pregnancy we declined the offer as it wouldn't make any difference to us whether the baby is affected or not, that plus the fact there is a risk with the test too.

I too am the only member of my family that we are aware of that has EHK. I have 3 sisters too and none of them are affected either.

I hope you are both keeping well though and wish you both all the very best with your pregnancy. Please feel free to contact me via here if you would like to chat, it would be lovely if we could keep in touch. It would be nice to talk to others who are going through the same as myself to share our experience and thoughts/concerns.

Take care
Melanie xx

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My name is Melanie, I'm 32 years old from the UK and have EHK Ichthyosis. I also run the website: www.friends-of-ichthyosis.webs.com