female perspective...I have Ich (I think it's CIE). I tried using the internet for relationships because I was ashamed of the way my skin looks. Most of my past relationships have not cared. Many have told me that they like me for who am I and not what I look like. My friends love me for my personality. They accept that I look this way and that I can't change it. My family loves me for me. I don't care what I look like. Never have really. In school, I developed a personality that would outshine the disorder and I usually act like I don't even have it. My personality is what matters most. Looks fade, unless you're Joan Rivers, we all get wrinkles and sun/age spots. Looks go away in the end. People won't remember you for what you look like. They'll remember you for how you acted towards others. Accept that your skin looks the way it does and that if a woman likes you and wants to be with you, they will accept the skin disease.
26, affected (CIE I think)only one in family. Mother to Riley 22 months, unaffected.