My husband uses spray deodorant and we also use Tazorac on areas like the back of the neck and underarms, although it doesn't do anything on the hands and feet. For those areas, we just file it off or use a Dremel if it is really bad.

Tazorac is weird. You put it on and nothing happens for about 4 days. Then suddenly the whole thick layer flakes off and itches for a day or two, then it takes 6-8 weeks before it builds up again. We really limit the steroid use, but once every few months on limited areas isn't likely to have side effects the way the oral stuff or widespread use does.
Ichthyosis-en-Confetti Type 2
Husband, Nathan - 10, Elliot - 7, Oliver - 4, all affected.
I also have an unaffected daughter, age 8.

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