I was on soriatane for several months. I've got EHK and had to sign all sorts of forms before getting on it. my chosen form of birth control was the depo shot and even though I hated the shot, Soriatane made my skin so much better. I got pregnant at the end of the 3 year waiting period that is required once you get off the med. It used to be something like 6 years!

There IS a topical medication that can be used that gives similar effects to soriatane but its only to be used in the worst spots like under the arms, in the elbow bends, neck, etc. It's called Tazorac and it's the %1 formulation I believe.

Tazorac worked wonderfully when I used it and it really made my underarms and elbows very clear. The rest of my skin I just scrubbed up at bathtime.
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