If you have the "mild" scale symptoms you have described, then I assume you could sweat and sweat quite profusely, but may itch prior to sweating on some occasions if the scales are bad enough.

But you most certainly have a measure of control. Severity of vulgaris symptoms fluctuate with the seasons. The hot and humid summers allow for sweating and the sweating in turn exfoliates the skin, allowing for more sweating in a virtuous cycle. On the other hand, cold and dry winters inhibit sweating, and the build up of scales go on unchecked, creating more and more discomfit, especially the risk of prickly itch, the next time you need to sweat. Then, it logically follows that you and your family should find the most tropical locale you can feasibly move to for you to live and work. This ideal locale will also allow for your children the chance to grow up with minimal symptoms, even if the condition is severe. In fact, the more severe the Vulgaris symptoms, the more important it is to live and work in the tropics.

Other variables that would impact quality of life would be exposure to air conditioning (not good at all) and alcohol consumption (also not good). Air conditioning takes away the exfoliating benefit that hot and humid weather provides, and alcohol dehydrates you.