yes, thank you, you reaffirmed my thoughts. my ichthyosis is not severe in the truest sense. My skin always has been noticably scaly and you can see skin cells that peel off or can be scratched off causing a sort of "dandruff" effect. However the symptoms have lessened since i have passed the age of puberty. I have a sister who has a much milder case of ichthyosis and it is almost non-existent with her so i can only assume that mine is considered somewhat severe. As for the prickly itch, it most commonly happens when i go from a cooler to a slightly warmer temperature and my body has to adjust.

My main concern is not necessarily that my children might inherit the condition, it is that they might have a more severe case like myself. While of course 20 years ago the information regarding ichthyosis wasn't necessarily the best for treating it but it is still not something I want for them. But since I obviously have no control over that particular matter i shall simply have to trust in God and cross that bridge when I come to it.