Hi and welcome!
It can be VERY overwhelming! I had a similar experience when Casey was born - the nurses thought she looked overdue (no collodian) - but I knew right away because my Mom has ichthyosis. Casey is either CIE or Lamellar - sh e has a defect in the ichthyin gene (extremely rare) which can lead to either and she has characteristics of both.
From our experience, her condition is cyclical (she is now 22 months old). She'll have long spells where her skin looks almost "normal" and then she'll go through a bad spell and have a big peel and then it continues on.
This site is FABULOUS! You'll get loads of useful info and support. We didn't get the full extent of Casey's skin picture til she was about a year old. Initially, it seemed only her arms, legs, belly and parts of her scalp were affected but it is now almost everywhere.
You can email me anytime if you want or find me on facebook - I have loads of pics posted of Casey and my other girls so you can see if there are any similarities.
Good luck and don't worry, you'll find a routine that is helpful. Something a little different for everyone, it seems.
Take care,
Mom to Casey born Feb 17/08(?LI/CIE), Sara born Feb 18/06, and Kaitlyn born July 2/03
Casey has been tested positive for a genetic mutation in the ICHTHYIN gene (which is indicative of either LI or CIE)