My pediatric derm. prescribed 20% urea cream for Kenny's arms and legs and 10% urea for his stomach, face and back. She said to use it every day but every other week. I guess my question is should I use Amlactin or something else on the other weeks to keep it from building up? Is it wise to mix all these different creams. One time I used the urea in the morning and the amlactin at night before bed and he got a few red spots on his legs, they did go away after a little while but I wondered if it was too much for him.
I worry about him absorbing too much into his blood stream, but if I don't use some kind of exfoliant his arms and legs build up so fast. I don't know how often to use the urea or amlactin. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
My name is Candace. My son, kenny was born May 19, 2009 diagnosed with Lamellar Ichthyosis. My daughter Chloe was born June 4, 2011 unaffected.