Thank you for the reply! That makes sense for my son -- It is common for him to wake up with them; he gets really hot when sleeping sometimes. At times I've thought it could be the detergent on his sheets or that he's allergic to something in his pillow, although he's been in his new bed for months now. I've also been noticing his face gets more red and blotchy after his bath. I've tried switching to Cetaphil soap on his face, but his face is sensitive to even that. I'm wondering now if it's a touch of eczema, but I haven't come across anything that says pimples are a symptom of that. It almost looks like there are tiny bumps under his skin, if that makes sense. The virus theory is interesting too -- He had H1N1 a few weeks ago and had a flareup then with his fever too. Thanks again for the feedback; it is reassuring and much appreciated!!