My son Alex, who is 4 and has xli, has been very thirsty lately. this morning alone he has had 4-5 small child sized cups of water. I don't mind him drinking as much water as he wants, I know it is good for him. I was a little worried about something more going on though. something like diabetes or something similar. The reason I am worried is because he also eats nonstop. I knew boys typically have big appetites, but he always seems hungry. Is this something anybody else has come across. Before I panic too much I wanted to see if it was possibly related to the xli, or possibly the kallmans, although that seems less likely than the xli. I should also mention that although he eats practically non stop, he is very skinny and tall. What I wouldn't give to have his metabolism.
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Alex (xli and Kallmans - 2/3/05)
Liz (3/16/07)